COVID-19 dramatically  changed our customers’  buying habits. This led  to unprecedented and unplanned growth across our e-commerce channels and  consequently our Customer Fulfilment Centres (CFC). Our CFCs are purpose built facilities to support processing online orders for customers.

To support our communities, the approach in our CFC is Team Safety based on 3 major focus areas:

  • Site readiness
  • Team communications and training
  • Rosters and ways of working

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Site readiness

COVID Marshals and Coaches have been introduced to support teams as they adapt to new physical distancing and hygiene measures. Coaches also ensure additional PPE is available and in good order, cleaning standards are maintained and that all messaging materials/signage are current and on display.

Teams are performing cleaning and disinfecting, focusing on shared equipment/ spaces and high touch points, such as computers, handheld devices, pallet jacks and trolleys. Cleaning is checked and signed off by designated COVID Marshal or Manager on Duty.

Teams are empowered to take personal ownership of ongoing preventative cleaning on top of this (clean as you go) to further support team safety.

Sanitisation stations have been created throughout the CFCs, and PPE such as face masks, gloves, sanitisers, and disinfectants are readily available when required.

We have created one-way aisles throughout the pick zone areas, minimising team crossover. Directional signage has been created and implemented to support this change.

Teams have access to an onsite nurse should they need medical support or guidance during their shifts.

To reduce congestion, we have installed additional team lockers onsite.

We have implemented mandatory Thermal Screening on entry for team members.

Digital contactless sign on/off has been implemented for team, partners and visitors.



Team communications and training

We’ve created online training modules for our CFC teams so they’re up-to-date on all COVID-19 related physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning changes, as well as correct processes and any related restrictions.

We’ve built awareness on symptoms, safety measures, and reiterating personal accountability for hygiene and cleaning.

To support our team in doing the right thing by staying home if unwell, we have offered additional sick leave for team members who don’t have any.

We’ve launched the team app Workjam for fast, broad and effective communications across our teams. 

Rosters and ways of working

Where required, we’ve created two separate shift times each day (AM and PM), with a 30-minute gap between each to reduce chance of crossover and congestion, particularly around team areas and entry/ exit points.

Where required, we have also reviewed and segregated team break times to further minimise congestion in team spaces and amenities.

Additionally, when required, our CFCs have created additional pick zones, with the team not working in the same zone as another team to minimise crossover during their shifts.



The 5 pillars of our COVIDSafe response










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