In August 2020, Woolworths rolled out our own Woolworths QR Code Contact Tracing system to support Government’s contact tracing efforts. From mid December 2020, working closely with state Governments and relevant agencies across all jurisdictions, Woolworths started transitioning to Government QR Codes.

Kiosks, assisted check ins and Health and Safety Ambassadors

For customers that did not have a smartphone, access to the required State/Territory App, or who required assistance, we followed Government guidelines and supplied paper check-in solutions.

Listening to customer feedback around privacy concerns, and to ensure contact tracers have access to the required check-in data in a timely manner, our Technology Solutions team have been working to enable kiosk solutions across all jurisdictions on in-store devices.

We have successfully launched the kiosk solutions in QLD, VIC, NSW and ACT. We anticipate a solution will be finalised for all other jurisdictions by the end of July.

As each State/Territory transitions to Mandatory QR Code check in, we have stood up our Health and Safety Ambassadors roles at the front of the store for 14 days to assist customers with the transition. Our learnings from other states has been that customer behaviour generally changes within 2 weeks – for those customers who want to check in. We continue to experience a number of customers who do not want to check in or wear a mask, and this situation can easily escalate.

Promoting Compliance in store

We are promoting customer check in and making it as easy as possible for customers to do so.

Our marketing campaign aims to help create awareness for all Australians on the requirement to check-in via a Government QR Code.

Above store – All Australians

• Press – Full Page Commercial.
• Street Presence – Out of home billboards and bus shelters (3 week burst).
• Social Media – In feed and stories.
• Radio – Strongly Encouraged and Mandatory – designed to grab the attention of listeners by starting the advertisement with what sounds like a roadie doing a sound check (ie; Check, Check 1..2, Check, Check Q...R Code...Check.... etc).

Above store – Customers

• Catalogue – Full Page Commercial & Banners.
• Everyday Rewards Customers – Push notifications, pops up on a customers phone to remind them to check-in.
• Woolworths Website – CEO Updates encouraging customers to check in each time they visit a store.
• Woolworths App Notification

In store – Customers

• Marketing Screens – Upon entering the store the customers will see the screen reminding them to check in.
• Posters and Stands – Bollards to support QR Code posters & messaging supported by ‘what good looks like’ standards to be followed across all stores.
• Bilingual Posters – communicating the mandatory check-in requirement in multiple languages depending on what is relevant for each store.
• Instore Radio – On our customers’ shopping journey, in store radio will be played to remind customers if they haven’t already checked in using the multiple touch points in store.
• Online – State targeted messages to remind customers to check-in.
• Vest – For team members to wear at the front of store – reminding customers to check-in.
• Register Notification – A final reminder for customers to check-in.

In store – Team

• Targeted Messaging – leveraging everyday team tools, including wellbeing applications (Sonder) and sign on App (Work Jam)
• New Hardware in Team Areas – ensuring QR Code posters & messaging are displayed in key locations to remind team to check-in, Supported by a “What good looks like’ standard to be followed across all stores.