2 September 2020

Help us keep our communities safe from the spread of COVID-19 by checking in when you shop.

We are encouraging all customers to check in each time you visit one of our stores.

To check in, you can either:

  • Scan a QR code
    QR codes are located at the front of stores and at registers. Simply scan the code with your mobile device and fill out the contact form that appears.

  • Scan your Everyday Rewards Card
    If you’re an Everyday Rewards member, simply scan your Everyday Rewards Card at checkout. Please ensure your contact information – including your mobile number – is up to date.

We will now contact you by SMS if we are advised you were in-store on the same day as a customer or team member who has tested positive for COVID-19.

This is just as a precaution so that you are aware and can monitor for symptoms. If required, the state Department of Health will provide advice for people that visited that location on their website.

Our check-in is currently available in Woolworths supermarkets in Victoria, NSW, ACT and Tasmania – with other states to follow soon.

Thank you for your continued support and patience in assisting us to keep Woolworths Group stores a COVIDSafe place to shop.

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