With a team of almost 200,000 and over 3,000 stores across almost every community in Australia, we quickly recognised the important role we needed to play as the COVID-19 pandemic increased.

Guided by health advice and looking for best practice initiatives in nations going through similar circumstances, we adopted proven safety measures and education, to help our teams play their part in supporting health and safety in their communities.

Our efforts were focussed on our 5 pillars: PPE, Health, Hygiene, Cleaning and Social Distancing.

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High and medium touch points

As retailers, we already have very high standards of cleaning and hygiene in place. We have added a further 3-8 hours of proactive cleaning throughout our trading day (depending on store size and rate of transmission in local community) with the focus on cleaning and disinfecting the medium and high touch points throughout our stores. Cleaning contractors wear disposable nitrile gloves which are disposed of and replaced after each use.

Proactive department cleaning

Our Fresh food and checkout register teams conduct proactive cleaning on work benches and stations when not serving customers, and every 1.5 hours.

Improved products

Our Procurement team has sourced a consistent supply of hospital-grade disinfectant to support these increased cleaning practices.



Cleaning and sanitising our PPE

We have taken a proactive approach to minimising the sharing of PPE. All our PPE and supplied uniforms are regularly cleaned and sanitised to reduce the risk of transmission in-store (i.e. freezer jackets for teams). Shared equipment in team spaces (such as computers) are cleaned thoroughly with disinfectant after each use.

Health and Safety Ambassadors

Health and Safety Ambassadors have been put in place in regions identified with the potential for community transmission of COVID-19. The role includes answering customer queries, educating customers on conditions of entry, and cleaning and sanitising trolley and shopping basket handles. 


The 5 pillars of our COVIDSafe response