The safety of our team has been our highest priority from the initial surge in demand throughout our Distribution Centres.

We have initiated a number of preventative actions to help mitigate the potential spread of COVID-19. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Our Victorian metropolitan team have access to an onsite nurse should they need medical support or guidance during their shifts.
  • Maintaining our hygiene standards across the site.
    Reinforcing good personal hygiene techniques.
  • Increased proactive and preventative cleaning across our sites.
  • Implementing strong social distancing measures.

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Face coverings are now mandatory for our team in Victoria and NSW, and strongly encouraged in our QLD Distribution Centres. Face coverings are made available for all team members at all our sites, and are also available for contractors and drivers on request. Our team has been trained on how to fit and remove face coverings correctly.

COVID Coaches & Marshals

We have introduced a COVID Coach role to help ensure we maintain safe working practices. COVID Coaches support team members as they follow social distancing guidelines and hygiene measures, as well as monitor safe working practices including sanitisation processes, observing one way directional signage and inducting new team members to be COVIDSafe. COVID Coaches are known as COVID Marshals in SA.



Site readiness

Teams are performing preventative cleaning throughout the day focussing on shared equipment/spaces and high touch points such as computers, handheld devices, MHE and trolleys.

Teams are empowered to take personal ownership of ongoing preventative cleaning on top of this (clean as you go) to further support team safety.

Santisation stations have been created throughout DCs where sanitisers and wipes are readily available.

We have implemented mandatory temperature screening on entry for team members, contractors and visitors.

Team members receive education on good hygiene and sanitisation practices at DCs, including social distancing through onsite COVID-19 toolbox talks, internal video displays on TVs and COVIDSafe posters. 

Each distribution centre has a dedicated COVID-19 communications board.

We’re building awareness on symptoms and to support our team in doing the right thing by staying home if unwell, we have offered additional leave for team members who don’t have any.

Where required, we have created separate shift times each day, with a gap between each to reduce chance of crossover and congestion, particularly around team areas and entry/exit points. We have also reviewed and segregated team break times to further minimise congestion in team spaces and amenity areas.



Social distancing

We have installed Perspex Screens for security areas.

Onsite inductions are now run in smaller groups with pre-reads.

Common areas are set-up to accommodate the 1 person per 4sqm rule.

Social distancing seating arrangements have been made in all our offices, meeting rooms, and common areas.

Social distancing markers have been placed in offices and meeting rooms, and ‘maximum number of people allowed’ posters are displayed.

Signage/decals have been placed on floors and walls from main entry through to the DC floor, time clocks, stairs, canteen, office and meeting areas, transport office, and throughout the whole DC.

Where necessary, marquees have been installed to accommodate drivers or canteen facilities and reduce congestion in existing shared spaces.

These changes have been supported by huddles and team talks across our sites.



The 5 pillars of our COVIDSafe response