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Working flexibly

We have invited our team members based in any of our support offices across the country to choose to work in the best environment that suits the work they are needing to do and also their personal preferences.

We introduced a working remotely team site that includes tips and advice on leading and working remotely.

We also have held virtual training sessions with team members wanting to understand more about collaboration tools they can use for running virtual meetings and workshops.

Social distancing

An e-learning module was created showing the changes within offices. Team members completed the module before returning to their support offices.

Our support offices have been set up to ensure social distancing guidelines are indicated, including at social pinch points and workstations.

We have implemented capacity restrictions within our buildings, lifts and meeting rooms, with new protocols displayed in each area.

We developed a booking tool which team members are required to use, to monitor the daily capacity of each of our support offices. This allows tracking of the zones team members are sitting in and could also be used for contact tracing. We made changes to our in-office cafes and other shared areas in accordance with regulatory requirements.




We have put in place strict cleaning processes, especially for high touch points such as stair handrails and elevator buttons.

We promote good hygiene practices (hand sanitiser and hand washing).

Where possible we have removed touch points by implementing items such as sensor activated tapware and foot operated door handles to building amenities.

Shared equipment, such as keyboards and mice, have been removed.



Social distancing

We have installed Perspex Screens for security areas.

Onsite inductions are now run in smaller groups with pre-reads.

Common areas are set-up to accommodate the 1 person per 4sqm rule.

Social distancing seating arrangements have been made in all our offices, meeting rooms, and common areas.

Social distancing markers have been placed in offices and meeting rooms, and ‘maximum number of people allowed’ posters are displayed.

Signage/decals have been placed on floors and walls from main entry through to the DC floor, time clocks, stairs, canteen, office and meeting areas, transport office, and throughout the whole DC.

Where necessary, marquees have been installed to accommodate drivers or canteen facilities and reduce congestion in existing shared spaces.

These changes have been supported by huddles and team talks across our sites.


Mandatory temperature checks for team members, visitors and contractors at building entrances have been implemented. Team members have access to St. John Ambulance Officers and Mental Health Clinicians onsite, and virtually as well.


Face coverings are available for team members in support offices. Hand sanitiser, together with disinfectant wipes, are provided at entry points, work stations and throughout all shared areas. 

Response protocol

We have ensured there is a triage team representative in the building and is trained to trigger and manage the COVID-19 response protocol if there is an identified case.



The 5 pillars of our COVIDSafe response