25 June 2020

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A Victorian COVID-19 Update from our CEO

Dear Customers,

With this week’s outbreak of COVID-19 in Greater Melbourne, it’s been a challenging and anxious week for many Victorians and a timely and sobering reminder that the pandemic is still very much part of our lives.

Earlier this week we also began to see signs of increased demand for some products in some of our Melbourne stores. So as a precautionary measure, we have brought back some product limits in Victoria to help prevent a surge in buying and, just as importantly, help us maintain social distancing in stores.

While this increased demand has only been in a limited number of our Melbourne stores, we made the decision to apply these limits across the whole of Victoria. This might seem like an extreme measure, but we have decided on taking a conservative approach to do whatever we can to support all Victorian communities.

Product Limits in Victoria

That means there is now a 2 pack per person, per shop limit in place for the following categories when you’re shopping in store or online:

  • Toilet Paper, Hand Sanitiser & Paper Towels
  • Pasta, Rice & Longlife Milk
  • Flour, Sugar & Eggs
  • Mince

It’s also worth noting that we have excellent stock levels in our distribution centres to meet demand, with more than enough to go around. We’re closely monitoring demand across Victoria (and indeed the country) and we’re hopeful this is a temporary measure and we’ll be able to lift these restrictions quickly.

Social Distancing and Hygiene in Store

As always, the safety and wellbeing of our customers and teams is our #1 priority – just as it was during the peak of COVID-19.

All our stores are open as usual and we have social distancing and hygiene measures in place throughout Victoria, with greeters regularly wiping down trolleys and baskets, team members monitoring social distancing around checkouts and hand sanitiser stations at the front of every store.

Shopping with confidence online

Online shopping is currently fully operational with good availability for orders of both Delivery and Pick up. With higher demand this week (and to help reduce how much travel customers at home need to do) we have boosted online orders by expanding our Victorian fleet of more than 200 vehicles and through our existing on-demand delivery partners Sherpa and Drive Yello (which are similar to the food delivery services you might be familiar with).

Community Pick up (which we introduced at the height of COVID) is available in most Victorian stores, allowing you to pick up groceries both for yourself and on behalf of someone else – you can check your local store here.

Priority Assistance deliveries also remain available to help the elderly, people with disability and those in isolation. To apply, please complete the form at www.woolworths.com.au/priorityassistance.

I wanted to remind everyone that all our deliveries (including Priority Assistance) remain contactless, with your groceries delivered to your doorstep in reusable bags. You can order your Delivery or Pick up using the Woolworths App (download it here if you don’t have it) or on our website here.

BIG W, BWS and Dan Murphy’s

All BIG W, BWS and Dan Murphy’s stores are open as usual, with the same high standards of social distancing and hygiene measures in place across the network, whether you’re shopping in store or online.

We have re-introduced some product limits in BIG W, with a 2 pack per person, per shop limit on Toilet Paper and Paper Towels (with limits on Hand Sanitiser being lifted this Friday morning).

Thank you for your renewed patience as together we work through what we all hope will be a short-lived setback. We are working closely with the Victorian Government, relevant authorities and the wider industry as the situation evolves and will keep you updated. As always, we remain committed to supporting every community in Victoria and across Australia.

Stay safe,

CEO, Woolworths Group