Managing a rapidly changing landscape

We have an Emergency Management Framework in place for scenarios, such as severe weather events, that dramatically impact our team, customers and stores.

When they occur we form a temporary Emergency Management Team (EMT) focussed on four things:

  1. Doing what it takes to keep our customers and team safe
  2. Maintaining access to products
  3. Working better together with our partners, government and industry
  4. Executing with agility

This is how our response to COVID-19 began.

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Keeping our team and customers COVIDSafe

A safe place to work & shop during COVID

Our 5 COVIDSafe pillars support the wellbeing of our team, customers and communities. They are underpinned by programs ensuring that changes are maintained across our stores, and that our teams have flexible working options.




Managing the new normal

As we’ve moved into the new reality of living with COVID-19, we have needed to respond to localised and significant outbreaks.

This has meant changing the way we mobilise to keep our customers and team safe and creating multiple, dedicated COVID-19 Response teams:

  • COVID-19 Planning and Response Tribe - sets Group-wide standards and leverages learnings across EMTs and from overseas.
  • National support EMTs - functional EMTs that are stood up, also supporting the state EMTs.
  • State based EMTs - activate our COVID-19 operational response by state, across Group businesses.
  • State based triage teams - dedicated teams to triage confirmed cases in co-ordintation with the relevant Department of Health.
  • Specific issues-focused COVID-19 Squads. 

Creating a framework to quickly and effectively manage a changing landscape

Forming our COVID Response teams

When creating our EMT we looked to include team members who can analyse, understand, react and make strong decisions based on their experience and expertise with speed.

These teams include people from (but not limited to):

  • Legal
  • Risk/Compliance
  • Safety/Health/Wellbeing
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Retail Operations
  • Culture and People
  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Media Relations
  • Government Relations/Industry Affairs
  • Supply Chain, Logistics and Replenishment 
Woolworths Group Executive Team
Emergency Management Teams COVID-19 Planning and Response Team
Time frame Immediate day-to-day and priorities for the
coming weeks
Forward planning (over 3 priority horizons)
Role Execution and decision making Planning, preparation and recommendations
Day-to-day problem solving and responding to
• Executing on processes, policies and frameworks
• Developing and sending communications
(eg. limits/social distancing)
Gather learnings from other countries (intl research)
• Define Group-wide policy, processes, procedures
and frameworks and evolve based on feedback
• Prioritise activity into horizons and solve
for upcoming issues
• Develop communications to support
Group-wide changes