The wellbeing of our team is our ongoing priority. With the introduction of COVIDCare we have taken a holistic approach, considering the physical, mental, financial, social and community aspects of wellbeing.

We have engaged specialist businesses in these areas, as well as our own in-house expertise to create a comprehensive support program for our teams.

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Making support accessible and simple for our teams

Sonder app


  • We have partnered with an independent, third party app called Sonder to power and bring to life our I am here wellbeing program.
  • Sonder is a 24/7 health, safety and wellbeing service that connects team members to the help they need at the touch of a button.
  • The Sonder team is available via the app for live chat, phone, or self help through the I am here Help Centre, making it simple and accessible to all team members.

Teams can use Sonder for:

  • Accessing all existing I am here resources and pathways
  • Discussing mental health concerns confidentially
  • Safely getting from A to B with ‘Track My Journey’ 
  • Advice from nurses for medical concerns 
  • In-person and urgent support for any issue 
  • Understanding their options if they have financial concerns 
  • Getting family members support 

Sonder is a one-stop shop for our team for everything wellbeing. It doesn’t replace our existing wellbeing services, but supports and augments existing processes. 


A flexible range of support for our team’s wellbeing

Team members no longer have to remember different phone numbers, websites or apps. They can now access help and support at the touch of a button. Sonder can help via chat or phone. Alternatively team members can self navigate the information and resources available to them through the in-app I am here Help Centre.

Sonder is integrated with ASSIST (Benestar). They provide our team and their families with free access to confidential and independent counselling. To help our team stay at their best, they can access Unmind – a proactive and preventative tool to help our team be their best.

Good Shepherd offers team and family members that hold Plus cards support through financial hardship, including financial counselling, no interest loans up to $3,000, grants, gift cards, and debt consolidation.

Money Brilliant provides team members with a proactive tool to assist with planning and budgeting with the intent to minimise the risk of our team members falling into financial hardship during these challenging times.

Sonder also provides access to internal resources such as our I am here tribe member and ambassador courses. The courses are designed to help team members look out for themselves and each other. We want everyone to know that it’s ok not to feel ok, and that it’s absolutely ok to ask for help. The objective is to increase the confidence and courage of all team members, so if someone is not feeling ok, we all know what to do to help.

Internal policies and services are also available through the app, such as COVID-19 support leave for any missed shifts due to COVID-19 impacts (up to 2 weeks which they can access multiple times) or additional special leave where the government has implemented Stage 4 lockdown.





Supporting our team's physical wellbeing

In addition to the many physical safety measures initiated in our stores, centres and support offices, we have supported our team’s physical wellbeing in other ways too.

Zero tolerance to abuse

We have provided team training and put in place clear messaging around abuse to support a safe work and shopping environment in our stores.

Flu vaccinations

We offered free vaccinations to all team members across Australia at the start of the influenza season.

Family violence support policy

As part of this policy, permanent full-time team members are entitled to five days paid sick leave and five day unpaid sick leave per year if they are in a family violence situation and we also work with each individual to identify other support that would help, including moving stores.

Free food and coffee for team

In our Metro branded stores we offered teams free food and coffee when they were working. We have reinstated this in Victorian stores through their Stage 4 lockdown.