Introducing Q-Tracker

Q-Tracker, brought to you by Woolworths, is a new tool that uses real-time data to show the length of the queue to enter Woolworths stores. By helping you plan when and where you shop before you leave home, Q-Tracker makes it easy to avoid busy periods, save time and shop with your safety in mind.

How does it work?

Step 1: Enter the postcode or suburb of your preferred store.

Step 2: Using the key, view the estimated queue time to enter the store as shown by the icons and colours.

Step 3: Based on your location, we’ll show your closest stores. Selecting the store also highlights it on the map.

Step 4: To help you plan when to shop, click the store card which will expand to show when entry to the store is busiest during the week.

Step 5: Data will updated every 5 mins so you’ll have the latest information whether you’re about to leave home or on your way.